Sunday, August 23, 2009

# 29 My Trips Across This Country

This trip, as with most of my trips across this country, has reinforced my opinion that the people who are leading our country, and the elitists who set our cultural agenda, haven’t a clue as to what the majority of everyday Americans are like. The decisions made in Washington and by others in positions of power and influence reflect that ignorance. Rather than making decisions that bring peace and harmony to our people they continue to make decisions that anger and divide us. As a result, the people of this country, indeed the world, are becoming more and more separated. There is a growing separation between the rich and the poor, the smart and the ignorant, the strong and the weak, the healthy and the sick, the young and the old. That separation is affirmed daily as we see more and more walls going up, not only between people, houses, and neighborhoods, but entire countries.

Walls are like the canaries in a mine shaft, when walls between people begin to be built it is a prediction that the world’s social order is collapsing. It’s a sign that certain groups of humans believe that only their lives are valuable and that all other lives are of no value. They feel they must separate themselves with a wall to keep “them” out. The Great Wall of China, the Roman built Hadrian wall in Britain, the Communists wall in Berlin, they were all designed to keep people out.

Even though every wall ever built in human history has been a failure we still see today the Israelis building a wall in Palestine and the Americans building a wall along the border with Mexico. It’s becoming an “us” and “them” world. As the “us” continue to close out more and more of the “them”, the “us” diminish, and, eventually, the “them” will overrun the “us” with sheer numbers. The “them” will eventually inherit the earth – it is written.

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  1. I built a wall to keep my Kids in. But they blew that wall down and saw the world. I'm so glad!
    We now have "kids" from Germany, , China Belgium, , Mexico, Romania, and even L.A.
    G man