Monday, July 27, 2009

1. Detroit - Rochester Hills

Flying across the country always makes me think, as I look out the airplane window, that should aliens from another planet happen to be observing from afar - in order to evaluate what kind of “intelligent life” populated this planet – they would most likely conclude that the inhabitants were a well ordered well disciplined peaceful people with a fair amount of intelligence. From 30 thousand feet up the straight line grid of fields with crops of corn, wheat, oats and barley, the straight lines and gentle curves of roads and highways, the well ordered grid patterns of the small towns and cities with tiny ant-like cars in well ordered lines moving peacefully along, stopping at crossroads when other ant-cars approach, it makes one think all is ordered and peaceful below and these humans must care for and love one and other very much.
But if these aliens were to land and have to navigate through airport security they would soon see how badly they had miscalculated things. For example, they would be dumbfounded to see all the time money and inconvenience millions upon millions of people have to endure just because a small handful of other human beings want to do them harm. It makes one wonder how the notion that the human species was created and watched over by an all knowing all seeing just and loving God continues to gain adherents.
It took me four rounds through the metal detector and several rounds of de- silverizing before I was able to put my boots, belt, and hat back on and continue on my way. What can I say, a cowboy needs his essentials; a sterling silver belt buckle, watch band, saddle ring, pen, silver laced name belt with sterling silver lettering, hat, boots, knife, …well you get the picture.
Be that as it may, we made it OK and just now Alice and I are at the Detroit Metro Airport waiting for cousin Doug to pick us up and take us to his condominium in Rochester Hills where we will spend the night before leaving tomorrow morning for Munising, Michigan.

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