Thursday, July 30, 2009

#4 The Upper Peninsula

The U. P. has a scattering of quaint little towns nestled here and there along highway 41 all surrounded by trees and water. It’s all so quaint, the stuff of Norman Rockwell paintings. We drove up to the tippy top, up where highway 41 begins before it rolls south for 1990 miles and ends up in Miami, Florida. – Incidentally, the people up here in the U. P. are called’ “Da Yoopers” and they have their own language so to speak. For example when you go into a restaurant you might be asked, “Do you want table?” which means are you going to eat here or take out. And it’s not open or closed its, “open or shut”. Packing down the snow is “Panking down the snow”. Turn signals on your car are “Dickoos”. You don’t walk down the street with your wife side by side you walk “side by each”. And I’m not almost done with this posting, I am “pre-ner” done “ya know, ya hey, I done, Okeh?”.

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