Wednesday, July 29, 2009

#3 Wagner and Munising Falls

Our little group of three has now grown to nine. Cousins Bill and Judy, with their sons Rob and David, came up from Chicago to join us. Then we hooked up with cousins Elaine and Bill who live up here. So with Elaine and Bill as our tour guides we set out to enjoy the beauty of the U.P. It was agreed to start out with a trip to Wagner and Munising Falls.
The weather was gorgeous as we slowly meandered up the path to Wagnen falls taking photos and marveling at the variety and beauty of Mother Nature …I could go on,….but I would rather talk about motel shower faucets.
Now I’m a peaceable man, I won’t even kill a spider or an ant; however, I have one thing to say about the person who designed the motel faucet…..OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!
Why oh why do all motels have these one handle, impossible to adjust, shower faucets? Was the decision made years ago that it would be a good idea to have one handle un-adjustable faucets in all motel showers? Is it some sort of unwritten motel association law? Article 6, All motels must have difficult to adjust one handle shower faucets. NO EXCEPTIONS.
They all have the blasted things. The whole time you are in the shower you have to constantly tap, tap, tap the handle to keep the temperature somewhere near a comfortable level. You are either scalded or chilled in turn as you try to shower down. It makes for a frustrating beginning to any day.

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  1. I'm with you!
    Plus the curved shower rod sags letting the water get all over the floor!