Tuesday, August 18, 2009

#24 Chicago - One Cool City

“Chicago, Chicago,..let me show you around…” I love Chicago; it is the coolest of cities. Not as in cold but as in “Cooool”. Smartly dressed young men and women on the streets, lots and lots of outdoor eating establishments, museums, a vigorous night life…it has a kind of Paris-like feeling. I just love it. And best of all we’re staying in Cousins Bill and Judy, and son David’s high-rise condo which is right in the middle of all the action. We can walk out the front entrance and be right there at the “Viagra Triangle” (so named because of all the rich old men who sit around having coffee and drinks while ogling the beautiful young ladies) and across the street is the famous Gibson’s high-end eating establishment where film and TV stars hang out. John Cusack was having dinner in the sidewalk eating area as I walked by …we made eye contact but I don’t think he recognized me….”Hey John, pay attention, you’ve got the Maestro walking by here…..a nod and smile would be nice.”

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