Saturday, August 1, 2009

#6 Soo Locks

The Soo Locks are in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. They lift and lower ships 21 ft. from the level of Lake Superior to the level of the lower lakes. More than 11,000 vessels, carrying up to 90 million tons of cargo pass through these locks each year….yada, yada, yada…..enough of that, let’s talk Motel food.
Europe is way ahead of us in the hotel free breakfast department; at least it was when we traveled there in the nineties…I imagine they still are. Nothing can beat a French or Italian hotel for a good complimentary morning breakfast. I would trade a thousand American motel breakfasts for one like we had in Rome - coffee with hot milk, bread roll, jam and butter. Simple but soooo very good.
On the other hand we have here the famous American motel breakfast which consists of mostly fat filled, empty calorie, mass produced, junk food. The All American Breakfast! It’s pretty much all the same no matter which motel you stay at. It’s tweaked sometimes for different parts of the country once in a while but not towards the healthy or good. The southern states for example have biscuits and gravy and greasy sausage for their “overweighters”. Yummm, lots and lots of extra calories. For the regular “overweight” crowd they offer cello-packed calorie filled pastries, “you make’m” waffles with plenty of butter and sugar based imitation maple syrup, white bread for toast, sugary jam, Jimmy Dean’s egg, sausage, and cheese burgers (only at certain places and times) and several different kinds of sugary cereals. No wonder Americans are fat. But then, no one is fat if every one is eat up and let the denial begin. Live and let die is my motto.

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  1. As I travel mostly staying in the same "Brand" to get the points. I find I can tell you if it's an odd or even date by the breakfast. Odd dates ya get see thru bacon and a turnover egg thingie. Even dates grease pork burgers and powdered scramble eggs. Also they have the same rock hard biskets with runny pig gravey! Ya shake your head get a cup o weak joe and grab a banana.