Friday, August 21, 2009

#27 Chicago - The Bean

No trip to Chicago is complete without a trip to the Bean, a piece by British artist Anish Kapoor . It’s public art at its best. Public art should be art that the public loves and enjoys. This piece fits the bill perfectly. People of all ages love the Bean. In contrast, most of the public sculptures in American cities are nothing more than high-priced trash that just clutters up the landscape; rusty pipes, twisted metal, and blocks of tin, boring stuff with nothing interesting about them except maybe the amount of money shelled out for their purchase. These faux pieces of “art” sculpture that are placed in public places are eyesores and they make Americans look like idiots for allowing it. The fact that there is no public outcry is a testament to the ability of a handful of “art” elitists to totally bamboozle the public into thinking this rubbish is art. I don’t blame the public for these trash heaps, it’s not the public’s fault. They’ve been duped. American art has been hijacked by a small group of elitist who think they know what art is or isn’t. Anyone who disagrees with them is considered a Philistine. These art establishment elitists have totally ruined the art landscape of our country and screwed up art appreciation completely. The Bean however proves that if good art is made public the people will respond in a joyful, loving way. Anything that brings people together and provides them with an artful setting, and encourages peace and harmony, is a good thing.

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